About Me

I am Graphic Designer and Digital Artist based in Sydney, Australia.

When I was little I used to watch my Dad drawing. He wasn’t an artist, but his sketching touched something in my heart that made me fall in love. Years passed and I forgot all about it, until one day I saw two ladies swapping sketchbooks on the train and it caught my attention. I started talking to them about what they were doing, and they told me about how they made a journal of their sketches. They told me, ‘practice is the key; if you want to draw better you need to do it every-day’. From then I could feel a fire to start drawing again. That’s what inspired me to start my sketch journal.

Some people like to write in a diary to record their thoughts and memories. I use my sketch journal not only to improve my skills but to record my life’s experience.

From 2014-15 I sketched in a notebook.

Since 2016 I have moved from paper medium to the digital realm, utilising iPad.

As a professional Graphic Designer, I bring a range of art and design disciplines to every project I work on. As an Artist, I am passionate about drawing and recording everything that happened in my life.

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