28 November 2021

● Classic comfort two strap slide sandal design;
● Stitching accents;
● Straps features adjustable metal buckles with SKECHERS logo accents;
● Hidden elastic panel under buckles for added comfort;
● Wrap sides for added stable comfort;
● Soft fabric strap lining;
● Relaxed Fit® design for roomy comfortable fit;
● Soft suede-textured fabric topped footbed;
● Luxe Foam cushioned comfort insole;
● Contoured footbed design for added support and comfort;
● Shock absorbing supportive lightweight midsole;
● Natural cork veneer midsole trim;
● Flexible rubber high traction outsole;
● 1 inch heel height~08

27 November 2021

PICOGRILL HIKING GRILLING TRAY 398 Light grill frame for your rucksack, camper, boat or balcony. Very light and collapsible. Grilling and cooking without needing a fireplace. In a field or on a bank with a view, the picogrill 398 grills everywhere. Because the fire burns in a frame set off the ground the ground underneath is not damaged (aluminium foil required). Cooking using a 2.5 litre pan (approx) is also possible. Roast instead of grill: Food is simply speared on a spit, not placed on a grill. Two of our special spits will be delivered. They are lighter and much easier to clean than a grill. The handle does not get hot and the food can be turned very easily. Meat, sausages, vegetables or cheese, almost everything can be roasted without problems. The picogrill 398 is very economical and does not require much wood or charcoal. Only takes a few seconds to open out. The base frame consists of 8 pieces, the fire frame of two pieces which are combined together.
SIZE Folded out: 380 x 250 x 250 mm / Folded flat: 335 x 235 x 10 mm~08

21 November 2021

IKEA NORDVIKEN EXTENDABLE TABLE This spacious, wood dining table has a traditional feel and will soon become a natural gathering place in your home. The sturdy construction and smooth extension mechanism make it a long-lasting favourite. Seats 6-8.
Min. length: 210 cm / Max. length: 289 cm / Width: 105 cm / Height: 75 cm;
Designer: Francis Cayouette~08

14 November 2021

CLOVER or trefoil are common names for plants of the genus Trifolium (Latin, tres “three” + folium “leaf”), consisting of about 300 species of flowering plants in the legume or pea family Fabaceae originating in Europe. The genus has a cosmopolitan distribution with highest diversity in the temperate Northern Hemisphere, but many species also occur in South America and Africa, including at high altitudes on mountains in the tropics. They are small annual, biennial, or short-lived perennial herbaceous plants, typically growing up to 30 cm tall. The leaves are trifoliate (rarely quatrefoiled; see four-leaf clover), monofoil, bifoil, cinquefoil, hexafoil, septfoil, etcetera, with stipules adnate to the leaf-stalk, and heads or dense spikes of small red, purple, white, or yellow flowers; the small, few-seeded pods are enclosed in the calyx. Other closely related genera often called clovers include Melilotus (sweet clover) and Medicago (alfalfa or Calvary clover)~08

13 November 2021

YOU ARE UMASOU おまえうまそうだな is a Japanese picture book series by Tatsuya Miyanishi, published by Poplar. The series has spawned animated film and anime adaptations.
Plot Summary: A female maiasaura finds a lost egg and decides to raise it along her own baby. To the herd’s surprise, the child born from the stray egg is a tyrannosaurus. Determined to not leave the newborn behind, the mother abandons the pack and raises her two kids by herself. Named Heart by his adoptive mother, the tyrannosaurus grows up besides his maiasaura brother, Light. Soon enough the siblings discover why Heart is unlike the others and the difference between carnivores and herbivores. Heart then makes a tough decision and leaves his family behind to discover who he really is. By a twist of fate, Heart stumbles upon the hatching egg of an ankylosaurus and finds himself taking care of this plant-eating little one~08

7 November 2021

PERRIER PEACH FLAVORED CARBONATED MINERAL WATER inspires the imagination and stimulates the senses with its subtle and mouthwatering peach flavor. A fusion of air and water, PERRIER has been bottled in the South of France since 1863. Our bubbles and unique mineral blend make for a great taste that thoroughly quenches thirst with zero calories or sweeteners. It’s a wonderful choice to add zest to your morning or serve as an afternoon refresher~08

6 November 2021

● Designed in England;
● Made from enamel – each piece is made by fusing porcelain onto heavy-gauge steel;
● Long-lasting colour if cared for correctly;
● Cannot burn, and resistant to chemicals;
● Not recommended for use in the microwave;
● Oven safe up to 270ºC;
● Dishwasher safe~08