22 October 2022

CARAWAY SAUTÉ PAN allows for healthy cooking in the kitchen without harmful chemicals: use for dishes with stock, dinner parties, and more. Featuring a non-toxic ceramic-coated interior, this durable non-stick pan makes cooking easier than ever, cleaning  enjoyable, and adds a pop of color to any home~08

16 October 2022

GINGKO DESIGN SMART ACCORDION LAMP The folding/foldable lamp comes a pleated Tyvek-paper shade sitting between two pieces of wood. The lamp’s lights illuminate through the pleated paper, while the Tyvek’s folded nature allows you to maneuver the lamp like a slinky, adjusting it in a variety of shapes and forms. The lamp’s LED lighting and battery come built right into its wooden ends, and hidden magnets allow the ends to snap to each other, creating interesting-looking closed forms, or even allowing you to hook up multiple Accordion Lamps to create one singular, fun, flexible strip of lighting! The portable lamp comes with two light color-temperatures, allowing you to switch between warm and cool lighting just by shutting and opening the lamp, and provides 7-10 hours of lighting (and playing) on a full battery charge!Inspired by the shape of an accordion. The brand new Gingko Smart Accordion Lamp is a must have home accessory for any room and reflects our design ethos of creating stylish yet functional, modern but great sustainable design~08

15 October 2022

GINGKO DESIGN SMART MOON LAMP This gravity-defying moon lamp seems to magically ‘float’ above a walnut or white ash wood base and slowly rotates just like the real elliptical orbiting moon. Made with safe PLA material, this 3D printed full moon even has a textured surface just like the moon’s own craters and glows an ethereal-like light as it emits it’s cool white light. Suspended by a strong built-in magnet it creates a fascinating and like-like illusion of the real thing. This amazing levitating Smart Moon Lamp from us reflects our design ethos of making every day objects smart and fascinating in living~08

9 October 2022

BACCARAT DAMASHIRO EMPEROR SANTOKU KNIFE 17CM Experience high-quality results in your kitchen with the Damashiro Emperor Santoku from Baccarat. Chop, slice, mince and dice using the effective and efficient Damashiro Emperor Santoku from Baccarat. Splendidly designed and shaped for comfort and ease when used, the Damashiro Emperor Chef’s Knife offers the best cutting experience there is. The Damashiro Emperor Santoku from Baccarat is designed with a Damascus inspired pattern that is explicit to premium level blades. Featuring a traditional Japanese Pakka wood handle structure this premium level knife is an excellent addition to any kitchen and guaranteed to provide ease of use and excellent results~08

8 October 2022

LA PAVONI ESPERTO ABILE LEVER COFFEE MACHINES introduced in the Milan, trade show in 2017. The Abile features a unique pressure profiling system that allows the user to vary and measure the extraction pressure.The group head pressure guage shows realtime extraction pressure throuhgout the espresso shot. Made of quality materials, the boiler and the group head are nickel plated solid brass with the Stradivari design base, head and straight traditional lever. The Esperto range is finished with smoothly rippled rosewood handles that add an ergonomic grip and crowned with the iconic eagle, synonymous with the status of La Pavoni machines~08

2 October 2022

A traditional design from Le Creuset’s archives, this cast iron cassadou is incredibly versatile and ideal for frying, braising or simmering. A dome-shaped lid locks in flavour by promoting continuous circulation of heat and moisture~08

1 October 2022

Making the perfect loaf of bread at home has never been easier. Crafted from our legendary cast iron for superior heat distribution, the purpose-built Bread Oven is designed to produce bakery-quality results. A domed lid traps and circulates steam for maximum rise and ultimate flavour, while the low-profile base promotes even browning and produces a golden, crispy crust marked with our hallmark three rings. With a matte black interior enamel and ergonomic knobs and handles, the Le Creuset Bread Oven makes it effortless to bake like the experts at home~08