26 August 2023

CORTANA FAN JADE MALTINTO WRAP DRESS  Long wrap-dress in linen and viscose blend with a maltinto cold dye finish. This dress has a pronounced V-neckline and three-quarter length dolman sleeves and is worn crossed and tied at the front. The artisanal dyeing process makes each garment unique and slight color variations may occur. This is completely normal and what makes it a unique design~08

20 August 2023

LONGCHAMP LE PLIAGE CUIR MINI TOP HANDLE BAG  A miniature version of our iconic top handle bag, this little bag is the ideal glamor accessory to accompany you on all your evening events. Equipped with a detachable shoulderstrap, it can be carried either by hand or as a crossbody bag. Longchamp drew its inspiration from origami when creating LE PLIAGE, a light, foldaway bag that has since become a cult object worldwide~08

19 August 2023

LONGCHAMP LE PLIAGE XTRA XS HANDBAG  A miniature version of our iconic top handle bag, this little bag is the ideal glamor accessory to accompany you on all your evening events. Equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap, it can be carried either by hand or on shoulder. The iconic Pliage Xtra is dressed in a smooth cowhide leather for an elegant and refined look. Iits delicate leather, and its new design details, it offers a modern and confident attitude~08

13 August 2023

TASAKI BALANCE DUO RING  is a sublime new take on the concept at the foundation of the ‘balance’ collection – making pearls, with their traditionally formal look, more accessible to the casual wearer. This simple yet stylish ring features two pearls side by side aligned along a straight bar;
perfectly balances the white world of the pearls and white gold. The cool glow of the lustrous Akoya pearls and the sheen of the white gold give an elegant impact to the hand; 
features rhythmically clustered rows of freshwater pearls in three softly sweet colours: white, lavender and blue. This modern ring is characteristic of M/G TASAKI, with a single pearl giving life to a row of new pearls. Its playful design features a dimensional motif that follows the curve of your fingers~08

12 August 2023

EBM IRON YATTOKO PINCERS  Yattoko pincers made of iron. EBEMATSU CO., Ltd (EBM), located in Tsubame, Niigata, is a general trading company of kitchen tools for home-use to professional-use. With a wide range of products, they help customers have a more pleasant time; 
Light-weight and rust-free pincers made of stainless steel. Equipped with a coil spring for easier grip. COCO Co., Ltd., is a company that sells, manufactures and designs indoor and outdoor kitchen supplies. The company manufactures and designs everyday kitchen items with which family and friends can cook together and enjoy each other’s company~08

6 August 2023

GO BOARD GAME  is an abstract strategy board game for two players in which the aim is to surround more territory than the opponent. The game was invented in China more than 2,500 years ago and is believed to be the oldest board game continuously played to the present day. A 2016 survey by the International Go Federation’s 75 member nations found that there are over 46 million people worldwide, who know how to play Go and over 20 million current players, the majority of whom live in East Asia~08