26 February 2023

DIPTYQUE PARIS DO SON REFILLABLE SOLID PERFUME  This Fragrance Gesture is inspired by the enfleurage technique used in times past to capture the scent of flowers. Its alcohol free wax is a scented balm that is applied with the fingertips, to reveal the sensuality and floral delicacy of the tuberoses of Do Son.
RAW MATERIALS: Tuberose, Orange blossom, Jasmine;
OLFACTORY ACCIDENT: marine accord~08

25 February 2023

OIGEN NAMBU IRONWARE SUKIYAKI & DUMPLINGS IRON PAN 26CM  A casting characterized by high surface temperature, good heat storage, and high radiant heat emission. With a natural yakisugi wooden lid that you can enjoy sukiyaki and gyoza.
Compatible with various heat sources: This pot can be used with direct fire and IH. When using IH, it is recommended to gradually increase the power so that it can be used as a long-lived pot.
Nanbu Tekki in Mizusawa-ku, Oshu, where Oigen and OIGEN are located, contributed to the culture of Hiraizumi, which was designated as a world cultural heritage, starting with Kiyohira Fujiwara inviting a caster from Omi country in the late Heian period. Since then, we have continued to protect the traditional techniques that have continued for 900 years. The more you use it, the more delicious it becomes, and it becomes your own tool.
● Do not use detergent or cleanser;
● Use warm water and wash with a turtle scrubbing brush, etc.;
● It takes about 30 seconds to cook in the air;
● Do not leave the food wet;
● Immediately wash and dry the pot after meals;
● If the pot skin is dry, replenish the oil;
● Store in a well-ventilated place~08

18 February 2023

BRIOGEO SCALP REVIVAL STIMULATING THERAPY MASSAGER  The Scalp Revival Stimulating Therapy Massager is a hand-held massager that helps increase scalp circulation and stimulation, supporting healthy scalp care. The massager can be used alone on a dry scalp or paired with your favorite Briogeo shampoo, oil, or treatment for a massage therapy experience in or out of the shower~08

12 February 2023

ANTIPODES SPARKLING WATER  Gently carbonated with the finest bead, Antipodes sparkling water has taken the crown at many international award shows. Of exceptional purity, it is the world’s first carbon zero certified water, acknowledged by the United Nations for its environmental responsibility~08

11 February 2023

AIRSCAPE CLASSIC COFFEE STORAGE VAULT 500G STAINLESS STEEL  with patented lid actively removes and locks out air to preserve and protect freshness and flavor. The Airscape forces the freshness-destroying air out of the canister, extending the life of your coffee, tea, flour, sugar, cereal, seeds, herbs, nuts, pet food or any perishable goods, to keep what’s good today, good tomorrow too! Designed of durable, restaurant-grade stainless steel, the Airscape canister body resists staining and odor retention. The BPA-free clear, top lid allows you to see how much is left in the container, and the inner Airscape lid makes a fun “swooshing” noise as its pushed down, so you can actually hear it working~08

5 February 2023

IKEA LIXHULT METAL CABINET  Create an asymmetric or unexpected storage solution and fill it with your things. Stack and combine as you please. Keep track of important papers, letters and newspapers by sorting them on the inside of the cabinet door. The cabinet can be used either with the included legs or be placed on the floor. Helps you keep track of small items like chargers, keys and wallets, or more bulky items like handbags and toys.
Designer: Jon Karlsson~08

4 February 2023

AHKAH SPRING RING  The ring was inspired by beauties that exist around us and gleam when noticed. AHKAH’s iconic “A” was distilled into jewelry with a spring motif, which expresses the meaning of “leaping forward.” The design features a spring coiled around a green garnet stone, and it makes a distinctive impression. The beautifully-polished gold plate sparkles with a sharp and brilliant sheen~08