30 November 2018

BACCARAT PETE EVANS HEALTHPAN 30CM FRYPAN Incorporating new materials and technology, Baccarat Pete Evans brings you the most durable PTFE & PFOA-free, non-stick cookware available. The HealthPan 30cm Frypan is exceptionally strong and durable and will deliver excellent results for healthy cooking every day, plus it’s suitable for all cooktops including induction. The non-stick surface is easy to clean and is even metal utensils safe. Unlike other non-stick fry pans, The HealthPan Frypan with its unique inorganic substance can heat to 350C and endure prolonged high heat use. The frypan also features excellent heat conduction and retention for perfect even cooking and no hot spots. It’s these simple components that make the Baccarat Pete Evans HealthPan 30cm Frypan a kitchen favourite~30.jpg

29 November 2018

NOVO CASIE BALLET FLATS Call on the Casie for your instant glam-up moment. These comfortable ballet flats perfect for every occasion now come in our fresh metallic silver glitter – fine mesh overlaid with a high-impact glitter shine. Pair with leather and silver accessories to make the look shine even brighter. Synthetic Upper, Lining and Outsole~29.jpg

28 November 2018

JOSEPH JOSEPH M-CUISINE MICROWAVE POPCORN MAKER If you’ve always wanted to try making your own popcorn at home and experiment with new flavours, the M-Cuisine Popcorn Maker is ideal. The silicone base can withstand the high temperatures needed to make popcorn and comes with a lid that allows you to shake out unpopped kernels that might be left after cooking with a sieve-like design. The round design lets any added flavourings be evenly distributed and doubles as a handy serving and sharing bowl. Dishwasher safe. Suitable for microwave ovens with an internal height greater than 19cm (7 ½ inches)~28.jpg

27 November 2018

APPLE PENCIL set the standard for how drawing, note-taking and marking up documents should feel — intuitive, precise and magical. The new Apple Pencil takes that experience even further. Now you can change tools with a simple double tap, and pair and charge wirelessly. Go ahead, make your mark.
The new Apple Pencil attaches magnetically with a reassuring — and very satisfying — snap onto the side of your iPad Pro. Once attached, it starts to charge and automatically pairs with your device. And there are new ways to interact with Apple Pencil. Simply double-tap to change tools without putting it down~27.jpg

26 November 2018

TUPPERWARE SMOOTH CHOPPER Chop and whisk in seconds with the Smooth Chopper! This Timesaver is perfect for larger households and daily use. Pull the cord mechanism to spin either the triple blades or paddle whisk attachments. Blades chop and puree fruit, vegetables, herbs, nuts, garlic, and more; while the whisk blends up batters, sauces, marinades, meringues, dips and dressings. Measurements etched into the generous 730ml base enable you to monitor its contents~26.jpg

25 November 2018

TUPPERWARE VENTSMART SET Keeps your food fresher, for longer. The unique venting system of VentSmart helps to regulate the atmosphere inside the container by balancing the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide passing in and out of the container. Adjust the vents according to the type of vegetables or fruits being stored. A handy pictogram on the side of each container indicates what vent to use for each vegetable and fruit type~25.jpg

24 November 2018

TUPPERWARE SNACK PRESS is an intuitive and easy to use product to press rolls and bars of different sizes in just one push. It’s perfect to prepare homemade croquettes, gnocchi and fish sticks for the enjoyment of family and friends! It features antiskid feet to prevent it from shifting around during prep. The shape creates optimal stability when pressing ingredients through the Snack Press. The moving tray enables rolls and bars to be cut evenly. The plunger is designed to reduce the suction effect when pulling and is the perfect storage solution for your two nozzles and scraper. The scraper blocks food when filling the container for optimal compression and is the ideal tool for cutting. Interchangeable nozzles in 3 large or 6 small cylindrical, a churros nozzle or 2 rectangular shapes for a variety of sweet and savoury snack foods~24.jpg

23 November 2018

TUPPERWARE MANDOCHEF An eight-way cutting system which lets you slice, dice, cube, julienne, crinkle cut, wafer cut and diamond cut most fruits and vegetables. Now also comes with a MandoChef Grater. It features 3 interchangeable blades that allow for the wide range of cutting and slicing options. Fingers and hands are kept safe by use of the Food Guider, while a bidirectional blade doubles the grater’s efficiency~23.jpg


22 November 2018

VORWERK THERMOMIX The product of more than 40 years of German design and innovation, Thermomix replaces over 12 appliances and becomes a second set of hands in the kitchen. When you’re working late or tied up with the kids and need dinner fast, a good home-cooked meal is the last thing on your mind. But with your Thermomix you can make delicious food that’s still ready in an instant~22.jpg

21 November 2018

APPLE IPAD PRO The vision for iPad has always been to create a single, magical piece of glass that can become whatever you want it to be. The new iPad Pro is the ultimate expression of that vision. Every aspect has been re-engineered with our most innovative technologies. It’s unlike any iPad before. Or for that matter, anything before.
The new iPad Pro features an all‑new, all‑screen design. But it’s not just any screen, it’s the most advanced display on the planet. And with less volume and more screen than ever, there’s more room to create, work and watch.
The Liquid Retina display features industry‑leading colour accuracy, so you see true‑to‑life colour from one rounded corner to the other. Using a process called subpixel anti-aliasing, we rounded the corners by tuning individual pixels for smooth, distortion‑free edges. True Tone dynamically adjusts white balance so images on the display look natural and are easier on your eyes. And thanks to the lowest reflectivity in the industry, the display is clear and readable wherever you take your iPad Pro~21.jpg