31 July 2018

LEATHERMAN MICRA KEYCHAIN-SIZED MULTI-TOOL A knife, tweezers, file, spring-action scissors and more packed into a 1.8 oz. keychain-sized multi-tool. The Leatherman Micra is our most popular mini-tool with anglers, hobbyists and those who can appreciate the best spring-action scissors around. Personal care features that fit on your key chain are just part of what makes the Micra truly unique. Ten useful tools are packed into this tiny, lightweight Leatherman. Perfect for a tackle box, pocket, purse, fanny pack, or sewing kit, the Micra makes a great gift. Closed Length  6.5 cm~31.jpg

30 July 2018

JAPAN CRAFT DESIGN TECHNOLOGY METAL SCISSORS BLACK Inspired by a fine samurai sword, dare we say it…yes, these scissors are sexy! Produced from brushed steel that looks stylish and also ensures a sharp edge for perfect cuts. These scissors feature a universal design that is usable in both the right and left hand. These scissors feel solid and heavy in your hand – they are the sort of scissors that get the job done, over and over, for many years. As with all CDT products, this has been produced in partnership with a leading Japanese manufacturer, in this case Lion. They are based in the Gifu prefecture of Japan, known for producing traditional, fine samurai swords. Craft Design Technology (CDT) combines modern design with Japanese heritage of traditional craft and technology, the result being high quality essential everyday stationery.
Length: 18cm~30.jpg

29 July 2018

NOMESS RADAR SIDE TABLE is a side table with a clear-cut industrial silhouette and asymmetrical lines. The playful side table stands as a prominent platform for both storage and display, but it can just as well stand alone as an artistic statement piece. The practical built-in shelf is perfect for storing your magazines and laptop next to the sofa or holding your favorite book beside the bed. The small slot in the back of the table top creates a sleeve for your phone charger, so you won’t have to fumble around for your cord on the floor every night.
Material: Powder Coated Metal;
Dimensions: W34.5/H54.4/D36cm;
Colour: Field green;
Design: Nomess Copenhagen~29.jpg

28 July 2018

NOMESS SPRING SCISSORS BIG CROME Dutch designer Lex Pott designed the Spring Scissors with NOMESS COPENHAGEN for the 2015 Wallpaper* Handmade Exhibition. The idea behind the product has its roots in traditional Asian craftsmanship. The Spring Scissors are designed with spring steel so they reshape to the original form after use and they are symmetric and suitable for left as well as right hand use. The distinct graphic and sculptural features added by Lex Pott transform this ordinary tool to an artistic object~28.jpg

27 July 2018

SMOK STICK V8 PEN STYLE BIG BABY BEAST VAPING DEVICE is the newest pen style starter kit from SMOK, which brings the user experiences to the top level of its kind, the battery has a 3000mAh super high capacity and 20amps continious discharge capability, while its tank is the famous TFV8 big baby tank which is 5ml and shares all the baby beast coils, when used with the included baby M2 coil head, which specially made for stick v8 battery , it will bring you a smooth and flavorful clouds,besides its swivel top cap design just brings you so much convenience when refills, all in all, this kit will defintely made to be one of your favorite daily vaping device~27.jpg

26 July 2018

MIJI DESIGN CUBE SERIES INDUCTION With the new Cube Series, Miji is extending its product initiative in the newly launched Miji Design brand with exciting colours and a new design adaptation. Three different colours – strawberry pink, kiwi green and lemon are the key features of this product line. The ergonomic handles and the newly designed knob come in the same colour and give the Cube a unique exterior, while following the clear lines of all Miji design, which is based on the principles of the German design school Bauhaus. ‘Less is more,’ said Mies van der Rohe, a founding father of the Bauhaus school. The body of the Cube series takes the square as its basic design form and the height is adapted in perfect correlation with the geometrical golden section.
Inside this minimalistic shape the high-quality German technology has been installed~26.jpg

25 July 2018

KEITH TITANIUM MINI COFFEE AND TEA MAKER It is made of premium pure titanium to let you enjoy your favorite coffee and tea at their truest! By blending with each other, ergonomic design and precision machining, formed together this state-of-the-art coffee and tea maker. It is functionally simple and elegant, straightforwardly versatile and multi-purpose and environmentally friendly and healthy, perfectly interpreting both the product design philosophy and environmental philosophy behind which Keith Titanium proudly stands. It will sure bring you the ultimate Coffee and tea drinking experience. Together the filter and its holder can be housed inside the mug completely concealed, minimizing the storage space and reducing contamination for friendly carrying and hygienic practice. The mug’s concave waist perfects the grip feeling by letting it naturally fit along with the thumb and the index finger. The unique design also protects the mug from dropping accidentally. The edge of the mug leans outward which is as same as the traditional Chinese tea cup, making the water flow more smoothly. Along with Keith’s premium pure titanium, bring the lip touch feeling and drinking feeling to a new height. The filter, the core of this Coffee and Tea maker, is designed, developed and made regardless of cost. Totally 26,000 ultra-fine and ultra-dense conical holes, which are wider outside and narrower inside, are penetrated preciously on the filter wall by laser beam, not only balance perfectly between particle capture and liquid flow, but also make the filter very easy to clean by just rinsing out the brewed coffee grounds with water. The arched and tripodic filter holder is rigid but springy, embracing the filter more stable and storing inside the mug steadier. It is the result of years of development and improvement. It has experienced more than a dozen versions from its original flat prototype. The lid will grasp the mug with appropriate tension by just tilting and covering it slightly. This innovative precise ring-like gripping design is achieved by the titanium machining with allowance of 0.05mm. The lid won’t fall when the set is upside down due to the precise ring-like grip (Both filter and its holder are housed inside). Keith Titanium Mini Coffee and Tea Maker is ultralight! It weighs only 102 g~25.jpg

24 July 2018

KEITH TITANIUM TI3060 CANTEEN MESS KIT Made of strong, lightweight titanium, the Keith Ti3060 mess kit is great for camping, backpacking, and hiking. The kit comes with a canteen that holds 37 ounces and has a screw top. It nestles neatly in a cup that holds about 24 ounces and has its own snap-on lid. You can use the carrying case to sling the kit over your shoulder or attach it to your belt. At 9.5 ounces, the titanium canteen and cup are nontoxic and resistant to corrosion and bacteria~24.jpg

23 July 2018

ZICO NATURAL 100% COCONUT WATER No sugar added and not from concentrate, ZICO 100% Coconut Water naturally supports hydration with five electrolytes, including as much potassium as a small banana per 8 fl oz. Coconut water is naturally fat, gluten and cholesterol free, which means when you crack open a delicious ZICO, you’re making a choice you can feel good about~23.jpg

22 July 2018

JOSEPH JOSEPH NEST™ STEAM 3 PIECE STEAMING POD SET Nest™ is the ultimate collection of practical, space-saving kitchenware that allows the individual elements within each set to be stacked neatly together. Each pod in this compact steamer set is ideal for steaming a small portion of vegetables and other foods, but unlike a conventional steamer you can keep each portion separate making it easier for varying cooking times. The individual pods have non-slip silicone handles and pan rests, and an integrated hook that suspends them safely from the edge of your pan and allows the pan lid to rest in place. Minimum pan size when using all three pods: 18 cm (7 inches). Minimum pan depth: 8 cm (3¼ inches)~22.jpg