31 May 2018

VS SASSOON 19MM CERAMIC CURLER Dial up the heat to add medium curls and a cheeky bounce to your hair, fast. Ideal for all hair types, the 19mm Ceramic Curler can produce heat of up to 180°C, and can ramp up the instant heat by 25% for faster styling. The styler is layered with ceramic technology, too, which ensures perfect heat transfer as the curler glides through your hair. When you’re making waves, it’s all about the shine, volume and long-lasting effect. This styler certainly delivers~watermark

30 May 2018

GOLD TIP ARCHERY KINETIC PIERCE PLATINUM TARGET ARROW SPINE 500 is a micro diameter arrow built with Gold Tip’s Smart Carbon® Technology construction. This makes it optimal for extended range tournament as well as recreational use. Its greatly reduced diameter makes it more wind resistant for long range accuracy~watermark

29 May 2018

GOLD TIP GLUE IN POINT ACCU POINT .166 are made from hardened stainless steel, offer seemless fit, tight weight tolerances and are equipped to utilize Gold Tip’s FACT weight system. Small:340, 400, & 500 spine – 100 gr.;

GOLD TIP PIN BUSHING .166 designed to use pin nocks on Pierce Series arrows. Small:340, 400, & 500 spine – 9.5 gr.;

GOLD TIP PIN NOCK MINI HD fit on arrows equipped with pin bushings. Gold Tip nocks are manufactured from 100% virgin materials, yeilding the toughest and straightest nocks in the industry;

AAE ARIZONA ARCHERY PLASTIFLETCH MAX PM 2.0 It’s designed with a thinner (.018″) section to keep it light and flexible. The first vertical section of the vane is thicker for added vane stiffness and durability. Ribs channel the air vortex, making the vane control the arrow more efficiently. New “Elastimax” material surpasses all other vanes with its toughness, durability, and adhesion. The Plastifletch Max 2.0 shield-shaped vane adds another size for archers who want a 2-inch low profile vane~watermark

28 May 2018

STANISLAWSKI ARCHERY PERFEX THUMB LONG NECK is a release aid platform that offers an exact match between handles regardless of the mechanism inside. You can buy them with a Thumb activated mechanism inside, or with a Resistance activated mechanism. Regardless of which one you choose, the fit and feel of the release handle is identical and offers the exact same fit, feel, and most importantly point of impact. It’s mechanism offers the fastest lock time in the industry and minimizes the possibility of string interference. Not only is the speed faster than any other release on the market, but we have also expanded the traditional range of trigger tension adjustability from ridiculously light to absurdly heavy and everything in between. All this and the adjustability to set for zero trigger travel. No compromises, just exceptional performance. It comes in both long and short neck versions in sizes ranging from small to X-Large. The short neck models increase your draw length by a little over a quarter of an inch and are ideal for those looking to maximize the speed they get out of their rig. A cool and notable difference between the short and long neck versions is the spring loaded string keeper on the long neck version. For those who like to leave their release clipped to their d-loops, this is your ticket. For those of you looking to hunt with a PerfeXTM, all models come with a lanyard boss on the bottom of the release and the long neck model also has the string keeper and comes in a BLACKOUT finish~watermark

27 May 2018


26 May 2018

DOINKER PLATINUM HI-MOD SIDE BAR 12″ CARBON RODGreat for both Indoor and Outdoor shooting on Compound or Recurve set ups. The .750″ outside diameter Hi-Mod Carbon Rod’s ability to not only transfer residual energy left over from the shot efficiently to the end of the stabilizer, but it also holds 15 Plus ounces of weight with little flex if any at all. The modular ALL NEW eXo Doinker gives maximum vibration absorption, while providing the strength to easily hold 15 ounces or more of weights. Standard is a complete set of the low-profile, 1oz increment stainless steel 421 weight system (1x 4oz, 1x 2oz, 1x 1oz) 7oz total along with a complete set of 1/4-20 weight screws in multiple lengths. The Doinker Thumb Spur hole at the base of the stabilizer is there to assist in tightening and loosening the stabilizer from the Bow/Mount/QDC;

WNS ARCHERY SVT STABI STABILIZER 12″ SIDE BARuse a new carbon shaft in its inner structure which optimizes shocks absorbance and leads to a great level of comfort;

BEE STINGER SIDE BAR ADJUSTABLE ELITEallows you the adjustment and versatility you need for any target or hunting application~watermark

25 May 2018

SPOT HOGG ARCHERY ARROW REST THE EDGE It’s always been a wonder to us why people put so little emphasis on rest micro adjustability, when the arrow rest is one of the most critical components to accurate shooting. To start, the Edge features a no-clamp vertical and horizontal micro-adjust meaning easy adjustment with a single screw. Fine-tuning an arrowrest to perfection has never been easier. Maybe one of the most amazing features is the micro-adjustable blade angle, a simple turn of a click screw and you can click your blade angle to the ultimate position. To further aid accuracy and repeatability The Edge is able to be locked down to guarantee zero bearing or bushing play. To ensure repeatability it also offers a self-centering blade, designed to make blade replacement easy and exact. Each piece of the Edge is designed to promote the highest level of accuracy and ensure that your arrows will find the spot with scary consistency~watermark

24 May 2018

MOLESKINE POKÉMON LIMITED EDITION NOTEBOOK SNORLAX Capture inspiration wherever it strikes! Make sure that no ideas get away by noting them down straight away on the ruled pages of this pocket-sized pocket monster featuring a very sleepy Snorlax. Awaken your creativity and fill each page to bursting with thoughts and reflections. This Pokémon Limited Edition Notebook has a color-coordinated bookmark ribbon and elastic closure to secure your ideas, as well as an expandable back pocket to stuff with any separate notes, tickets or flyers your pick up throughout the day. Limited Edition Pokémon Notebooks all feature colorful and distinctive graphics from the original anime, each one highlighting a different character from this popular franchise that has captivated countless children and adults worldwide for over 20 years~watermark

23 May 2018

MOLESKINE POKÉMON LIMITED EDITION COLLECTOR’S BOX The eye-catching Pokémon Limited Edition Collection includes this numbered Collector’s Box with Poké Ball-inspired red, white and black graphics for the most serious Pokémon trainers. Use a Poké Ball to catch and store Pokémon, and your notebook to catch and store ideas. You never know when inspiration will strike, at work, school, home or on the move. Be ready to catch it, tame it and train it, wherever you are with this Pokémon Limited Edition Collector’s Box. This collector’s box makes the ideal gift for fans of the popular franchise that has captivated countless children and adults worldwide for over 20 years~watermark

22 May 2018

YETI RAMBLER™ 30 OZ (887 ML) TUMBLER Description Days on the dock are made better with the Rambler™ 30 oz (887 ml) Tumbler. It’ll keep your dinnertime drink cool well past sundown or your coffee piping hot throughout the morning. The Rambler 30 oz. Tumbler is made of 18/8 kitchen-grade stainless steel, has double-wall vacuum insulation, and No Sweat™ Design. No matter which YETI cup you choose, our Ramblers are dishwasher safe, BPA-free, and ready for just about anything~watermark