26 May 2018

DOINKER PLATINUM HI-MOD SIDE BAR 12″ CARBON RODGreat for both Indoor and Outdoor shooting on Compound or Recurve set ups. The .750″ outside diameter Hi-Mod Carbon Rod’s ability to not only transfer residual energy left over from the shot efficiently to the end of the stabilizer, but it also holds 15 Plus ounces of weight with little flex if any at all. The modular ALL NEW eXo Doinker gives maximum vibration absorption, while providing the strength to easily hold 15 ounces or more of weights. Standard is a complete set of the low-profile, 1oz increment stainless steel 421 weight system (1x 4oz, 1x 2oz, 1x 1oz) 7oz total along with a complete set of 1/4-20 weight screws in multiple lengths. The Doinker Thumb Spur hole at the base of the stabilizer is there to assist in tightening and loosening the stabilizer from the Bow/Mount/QDC;

WNS ARCHERY SVT STABI STABILIZER 12″ SIDE BARuse a new carbon shaft in its inner structure which optimizes shocks absorbance and leads to a great level of comfort;

BEE STINGER SIDE BAR ADJUSTABLE ELITEallows you the adjustment and versatility you need for any target or hunting application~watermark