29 September 2020

DREAMFARM ORLID STACKABLE SPICE JAR with a double lid that opens to shake or scoop with the press of a button. If you’ve got one hand dirty or busy, Orlid will flip open to a fully adjustable shaker dial, or fully open for pouring with just one hand. This Red Dot Design Award winner nests in stacks, taking up less space in the cupboard, and can be easily moved without falling over. Orlid’s wide-mouth jar is easy to fill and, best of all, it is compatible with the award-winning Ortwo and Ortwo Lite spice mills, creating the ultimate system for grinding and storing spices~08

28 September 2020

DREAMFARM BBQ CLONGS CLICK-LOCK TONGS designed specifically for the barbeque. They have a flat tip to scrape your barbeque clean, a spike to prick your sausages, a sausage link cutter to separate your sausages and waffle heads to pick up even the smallest pieces of onion. What’s more, when you put them down they sit up off your bench thanks to the clever bend in their handles~08

27 September 2020

SLIP PURE SILK PILLOWCASE is specially-commissioned and made to our exacting standards, developed and refined over ten years to provide the ultimate combination of shine, thickness, softness and durability. We use the highest grade (6A) long fibre mulberry silk, with a thickness of 22 momme and enforce the strictest quality guidelines, including non-toxic dyes~08

26 September 2020

REMARKABLE 2 DIGITAL PAPER TABLET Replace your notebooks and printed documents with the only tablet that feels like paper. It’s virtually instant response and texturized surface make for an unprecedented writing experience. Make your handwritten notes easy to reuse in emails, reports, or presentations by converting them into text. Practically unlimited pages and folders mean you can organize your notes, documents, and books however you like. Keep a notebook for each client or project and never lose track of them again~08

25 September 2020

SUNBEAM AVIVA 6L PE6100 MULTI-COOKER & PRESSURE COOKER can cook fast under pressure or slow cook for the perfect meal. A 6 litre Pressure Cooker that is also a multi cooker, designed to cook fast or slow, day in and day out. Use the pressure cooker for quick, succulent meals. Or use the slow cooker for more traditional style cooking. With a choice of 7 menus including rice cooker, and with delay timer and auto keep warm features, you’ll be cooking up a storm everyday. Easy to read and clearly shows the menu, cooking time remaining, heat setting, and when the unit is gaining pressure; cooking; in auto keep warm or delay start mode. Low for simmering and slow cooking. High for faster cooking. Auto keep warm keeps your food warm, ready for serving~08

24 September 2020

TWENTY 39 QARBO SPARKLING WATER MAKER AND FRUIT INFUSER delivers great-tasting alternatives to traditional heavy-sugar sodas while helping to reduce a households’ plastic consumption. Designed to be both sophisticated and unobtrusive it is the sparkling water maker and fruit Infuser that will enhance any benchtop~08

22 September 2020

Designed by architect David Chipperfield, Moka is an artist’s interpretation of a timeless icon of the Italian culture. For those who don’t want to compromise on the unmistakable taste of coffee prepared with an espresso coffee maker. An eleven-sided volume for a coffee maker with a familiar and at the same time innovative form: David Chipperfield introduces a series of details that make the Moka design new and even more functional, such as the flat lid on which to place the cups to be heated – allowing optimum enjoyment of the aroma and flavour of the drink – or the position of the knob which allows you to easily raise the lid, using only one hand. Espresso coffee maker in aluminium casting. Handle and knob in PA, grey~08

21 September 2020

BIALETTI MANUAL COFFEE GRINDER to grind coffee beans as needed to savour the flavours and fragrance. Grinding Fresh beans has always been the best way to get the greatest flavours from the cup. The Bialetti Manual Grinder has been created to be compatible with the using the world famous Bialetti Stovetop Moka Pots. A practical measure to grind the right quantity of coffee has been designed into the Grinder for use with the 1, 3 or 6 cup Moka Pot. A ceramic grinding system that adjusts how finely the coffee is ground is important for consistency. Although limited in range this hand grinder will grind to ideal grind size for use with Stovetop coffee makers. To produce fine espresso, you only need coffee, water, and a stove. You can take your beverage a step further by steaming some milk and making yourself a latte or flat white. Having all these together make the perfect cup of coffee to enjoy at home or on the road, camping or away travelling for the weekend~08