31 May 2019

OLAY GOLDEN AURA MELTING SOUFFLÉ MOISTURIZER AIR FINISH  Sold exclusively online for skin care insiders like you, Olay Golden Aura Soufflé Face Moisturizer delivers 1,000x the moisture of its own weight for 24 hours of hydration. This trending face cream in Asia features the latest skin care innovation from Olay: Golden Yeast Peptide. Thanks to a multi-decade clinical study, Olay discovered that skin loses its ability to repair itself as we age. Golden Yeast Extract with 100+ peptides reverses visible signs of aging. This unique formula paired with Vitamin B3 replenishes hydration to increase skin’s firmness in 5 days for firm skin that lasts. To use this facial moisturizer, simply press the unique airless pump and apply. It flawlessly melts into your skin for a soft, smooth finish — just like a soufflé. The airless pump design preserves the skin care formula, and gives you the perfect amount without wasting a drop~31.jpg

30 May 2019

The 6.67 inch Fluid AMOLED display on the OnePlus 7 Pro is our most advanced screen ever. Experience unrivalled smoothness and clarity with a 90 Hz refresh rate and QHD+ resolution. Experience a high-resolution display with a 90 Hz refresh rate, designed to display your content with dramatic clarity. The display curves over the edges for an arresting design and an immersive viewing experience. Upgraded Screen Unlock technology ensures you can reliably unlock your OnePlus 7 Pro in just 0.21 seconds. Every tap, swipe and button press feels instant and effortless thanks to the world’s first AMOLED display with a 90 Hz refresh rate. Capture life in brand-new ways with a 48 MP main camera, ultra wide angle lens and 3x optical zoom. Combined with smart scene recognition and new Nightscape 2.0 technology, the OnePlus 7 Pro is your personal photo studio. Take in wide vistas with a new Ultra-Wide Angle Lens designed to increase the range of your photos by up to 48%~30.jpg

29 May 2019

PANDORA LUCKY FOUR-LEAF CLOVERS HANGING EARRINGS  Make a modern statement of luck with this sterling silver four-leaf clover earrings. Delicate lines run down the leaves, which are embellished with a clear stone for a hint of sparkle. The long stems make the clovers appear to be flourishing. Available in-store and online, for a limited time only, while stocks last;
PANDORA MOVING CLOVER RING  Luck gleams from every angle on this sterling silver four-leaf clover open ring. One leaf is fixed in place, while the others are movable, creating an effect where the clover moves with you, as if it is dancing in the wind. Available in Pandora Concept stores and online, for a limited time only, while stocks last~29.jpg

28 May 2019

GLOSSIER GENERATION G SHEER MATTE LIPSTICK is a new kind of lip color that gives the look and finish of just-blotted lipstick, without the blot. We’ve created a short list of the six most important shades, with dialed-down pigment loads for a casual look.
Wax Matrix:
A combination of sunflower and synthetic beeswax that creates a smooth, cushiony texture and feel on lips and protects against bullet breakage;
Blue Agave:
Binds water inside lips for comfortable wear;
Safflower Oil:
High in linoleic acid, it creates a barrier to prevent moisture loss in lips;
Lychee Rose Scent:
Subtle and fresh~28.jpg

27 May 2019

PANTENE MICELLAR GENTLE CLEANSING SHAMPOO removes impurities while helping to protect your natural look – gentle enough on hair for daily use. Discover how your scalp and hair can get gently purified without getting stripped of essential nutrients. Rich in antioxidants & Pro-Vitamins, yet with 0% silicones, parabens or dyes, this breakthrough shampoo maintains the perfect balance between your cleansing and nourishment needs~27.jpg

26 May 2019

ECOVACS DEEBOT 900 VACUUMING ROBOT  knows your home while it cleans. With Smart Navi Mapping and Navigation Technology, DEEBOT can scan and map your living space to give you customizable cleaning choices. As well being controllable via smart home system, DEEBOT 900 provides you a better experience and cleaner floors beneath your feet. DEEBOT 900 Knows your home. Once it gets started, the robot will scan and map your home which allows it to orient itself and plan an efficient cleaning path. Therefore, DEEBOT 900 provides you customized options while finishing the cleaning tasks efficiently. Smart Navi Mapping and Navigation Technology is what allows DEEBOT 900 to scan and map your whole living space and cover all available ground. With the visual map in ECOVACS App, you can draw virtual boundaries, choose cleaning modes and assign cleaning areas, finding the best way to clean. As your DEEBOT 900 gets to know its surroundings, it will move in an efficient cleaning path, designed especially for a more thorough and systematic clean. DEEBOT 900 is extremely versatile, with a host of customizable features that can be turned on and adjusted to suit your home, for a more comprehensive clean. With the ECOVACS App and mapping feature, you can create virtual boundaries that restrict the DEEBOT to cleaning a specific area, and preventing it from wandering off into areas you don’t want it to go. The DEEBOT 900 is designed to work autonomously. For example, if the DEEBOT’s battery is low, it will go back to the charging station and recharge itself automatically, then return to the area it left off to continue cleaning. It can also be assigned a regular, daily cleaning schedule. This means more time for you to do what you love~26.jpg

25 May 2019

Nude suede pointed toe pumps with a stiletto mid heel. Made in Italy;
Always exploring the use of texture, Manolo uses contrast leather and pony to provide maximum visual impact, an optical feast. Blue calf hair mules featuring suede buckle and kitten heel. Made in Italy~25.jpg

23 May 2019

CHAMPAGNE & MOËT BRUT IMPÉRIAL CHAMPAGNE is the House’s iconic champagne. Created in 1869, it embodies Moët & Chandon’s unique style, a style distinguished by its bright fruitiness, its seductive palate and its elegant maturity. Created from more than 100 different wines, of which 20% to 30% are reserve wines specially selected to enhance its maturity, complexity and constancy, the assemblage reflects the diversity and complementarity of the three grapes varietals.
An elegant colour:
Golden straw yellow with green highlights;
A sparkling bouquet:
The vibrant intensity of green apple and citrus fruit;
The freshness of mineral nuances and white flowers;
The elegance of blond notes (brioche, cereal, fresh nuts);
The delicious sumptuousness of white-fleshed fruits (pear, peach, apple);
The alluring caress of fine bubbles;
The soft vivacity of citrus fruit and nuances of gooseberry~23.jpg

22 May 2019

MARCATO ATLAS 150 PASTA MACHINE The most popular machine for making fresh home-made pasta. Icon of Made in Italy Design. With Atlas 150 you can easily make lasagna, fettuccine, tagliolini and 13 other pasta shapes thanks to the wide range of accessories. You can choose from the chrome steel version to the anodised aluminium in 5 different colours.
The 10-position adjustment knob of Atlas 150 allows you to prepare pasta sheets in different thicknesses, suitable for many types of pasta.
Atlas 150 allows you to instantly prepare Lasagne with a maximum width of 150 mm, 6.5 mm Fettuccine and 1.5 mm Tagliolini~22.jpg