31 October 2021

GOLDEN CHEF CHICKEN ESSENCE  was produced according to Chinese traditional way but utilizing our high-tech preservation of freshness. The product was dispensed by automation into a small anti-bacteria and food-safe package. This enable us to provide our customers a tasty chicken essence capable to be kept for two years under the room temperature. Golden Chef has been always endeavouring for our customer to get better healthy, more energetic, and cost effective~08

30 October 2021

WILD BIRD SOCIETY OF JAPAN PORTABLE WELLINGTON RAIN BOOTS incredibly lightweight and perfect for travel. Comes with nylon sleeve and a selection of different coloured toggles. Raised tab at the heel makes for hand free, fuss free removal. Can be worn high or rolled down for an ankle boot style~08

24 October 2021

MISEN DUTCH OVEN 7QT is an update to the cookware classic. Four layers of premium enamel offer lifelong durability and a nearly nonstick surface. Four separately-fired layers of premium enamel sprayed onto a cast iron core, ensuring evenness down to 0.2 mm for optimal durability. A base diameter that’s 1-2 inch / 2.5-5 cm wider than other brands allows maximum cooking space for searing and browning. Wide handles provide ample space for a comfortable grip, even with oven mitts on — so you can maneuver from stovetop to oven to table with ease.
Weight without Lid: 5.18 kg;
Handle-to-Handle Diameter: 38.1 cm;
Depth: 12.7 cm;
Materials: Cast Iron, Premium Enamel~08

23 October 2021

HOKURIKU ALUMINIUM UMAMI HAMON POT Using our specially patented aluminium casting methods, we have created a deep pot that is for everyone, from home chef’s to professionals! We hope that with this pan, you find it amazingly helpful, helping you to bring out the best of your ingredients while also being light, easy to clean, and hard to become dirty! It’s perfect for bringing out the perfect umami taste in your food! With this pot, you can take a variety of foods from the fridge, and without any special preparation, you can make some tasty arrangements, without even realising it! Change how your normal soups or boiled foods taste and create a whole new dinner time! Make your dinner time happier than ever! The secret behind how the Hamon Pot makes things tastier is behind the way the lid is made and the wave like pattern it has. When heated, the water content found in the food, which holds nutritional properties and the umami taste, becomes a umami mist or what we like to call [Umamist], and circulates the pan. The vapour then sticks to the wave like pattern, and then the droplet when they form fall back on to the food, restoring the umami flavours to the cooked food, and putting a smile on your face when you dig in~08

17 October 2021

• Size: Medium Short Petite 28″;
• Wrinkle-resistant ponte fabric with 4-way stretch;
• 9.5-inch front rise, 13.75-inch back rise (size small);
• 15-inch leg opening;
• SEVEN functional pockets;
• Non-functional button and faux fly;
• 1.75-inch elastic waistband with belt loops~08

16 October 2021

• Size: Medium Petite 26″;
• Wrinkle-resistant twill ponte with 4-way stretch;
• 10” front rise, 13.50” back rise, 10” leg opening (size small);
• Five functional pockets;
• Non-functional button and faux fly;
• 1.75” elastic waistband with wide belt loops;
• Handy carabiner loop;
• Machine washable~08

9 October 2021

BK ENAMELED STEEL DUTCH OVEN Try the real thingcrafted from carbon steel for classic browning and even cooking, this collection brings BKs Dutch heritage to the forefront. Powerful and versatile, this collections smooth Glaze Guard coating is naturally non-stick, while the vibrant exterior looks as stunning on the stove top as it does on the table.
A DUTCH ORIGINAL: Since 1851, BK is the Royal Founder of the Dutch oven and known throughout the world for a heritage of innovation~08

3 October 2021

SUNTORY ALL-FREE NON-ALCOHOLIC BEER It is made from carefully selected ingredients. Only two-row barley malt: Two-row barley contributes to the crisp beer flavor of ALL-FREE. Only Aroma Hops: Select aroma hops give ALL-FREE its bitterness and sophisticated bouquet. Only Tennensui Water: Quality natural mineral water (“Tennensui”) from renowned water resources in Japan~08