24 November 2018

TUPPERWARE SNACK PRESS is an intuitive and easy to use product to press rolls and bars of different sizes in just one push. It’s perfect to prepare homemade croquettes, gnocchi and fish sticks for the enjoyment of family and friends! It features antiskid feet to prevent it from shifting around during prep. The shape creates optimal stability when pressing ingredients through the Snack Press. The moving tray enables rolls and bars to be cut evenly. The plunger is designed to reduce the suction effect when pulling and is the perfect storage solution for your two nozzles and scraper. The scraper blocks food when filling the container for optimal compression and is the ideal tool for cutting. Interchangeable nozzles in 3 large or 6 small cylindrical, a churros nozzle or 2 rectangular shapes for a variety of sweet and savoury snack foods~24.jpg