25 February 2023

OIGEN NAMBU IRONWARE SUKIYAKI & DUMPLINGS IRON PAN 26CM  A casting characterized by high surface temperature, good heat storage, and high radiant heat emission. With a natural yakisugi wooden lid that you can enjoy sukiyaki and gyoza.
Compatible with various heat sources: This pot can be used with direct fire and IH. When using IH, it is recommended to gradually increase the power so that it can be used as a long-lived pot.
Nanbu Tekki in Mizusawa-ku, Oshu, where Oigen and OIGEN are located, contributed to the culture of Hiraizumi, which was designated as a world cultural heritage, starting with Kiyohira Fujiwara inviting a caster from Omi country in the late Heian period. Since then, we have continued to protect the traditional techniques that have continued for 900 years. The more you use it, the more delicious it becomes, and it becomes your own tool.
● Do not use detergent or cleanser;
● Use warm water and wash with a turtle scrubbing brush, etc.;
● It takes about 30 seconds to cook in the air;
● Do not leave the food wet;
● Immediately wash and dry the pot after meals;
● If the pot skin is dry, replenish the oil;
● Store in a well-ventilated place~08