27 November 2021

PICOGRILL HIKING GRILLING TRAY 398 Light grill frame for your rucksack, camper, boat or balcony. Very light and collapsible. Grilling and cooking without needing a fireplace. In a field or on a bank with a view, the picogrill 398 grills everywhere. Because the fire burns in a frame set off the ground the ground underneath is not damaged (aluminium foil required). Cooking using a 2.5 litre pan (approx) is also possible. Roast instead of grill: Food is simply speared on a spit, not placed on a grill. Two of our special spits will be delivered. They are lighter and much easier to clean than a grill. The handle does not get hot and the food can be turned very easily. Meat, sausages, vegetables or cheese, almost everything can be roasted without problems. The picogrill 398 is very economical and does not require much wood or charcoal. Only takes a few seconds to open out. The base frame consists of 8 pieces, the fire frame of two pieces which are combined together.
SIZE Folded out: 380 x 250 x 250 mm / Folded flat: 335 x 235 x 10 mm~08