21 February 2018

DYSON SUPERSONIC™ IRON RED WITH RED CASE  is the hair dryer re-thought. It has high velocity, controlled airflow for fast drying. A microprocessor measures the air temperature 20 times per second to prevent extreme heat damage and protect your hairs’ natural shine. The powerful digital V9 motor is in the handle not in the head, completely rebalancing the dryer’s weight and shape. The attachments stay cool from their heat shield technology and are magnetic: The diffuser used on curly hair evenly disperses air around each curly ringlet to simulate natural drying, improve definition and help reduce frizz; the smoothing nozzle is for gentle drying and styling; and the styling concentrator styles one section at a time with high-velocity, focused air. It has Fast drying and Styling (100 degrees Celsius), Regular drying (80 degrees Celsius), Gentle drying (60 degrees Celsius) and Constant cold (28 degrees Celsius) settings, and negative ions to help reduce static. The filter is cleaned by simply twisting and releasing~watermark