12 March 2018

DR. MARTENS X VETEMENTS 1490 BOOTS The iconic 1490 ten-eye Dr. Martens boot was first made popular by punks in the 1970s. Vetements have worked their stylistic magic and subverted the boot which is engineered from a worn-in leather, and tumbled using specialist machinery to mimic the look of a well-loved vintage pair of boots. Instead of laces, the tongue is stitched to the body of the boot for a utilitarian look, and a zip to the side allows for ease of entry—function over form—a touch-point for both brands. The boots are finished with the text BORDER LINE to the reverse in white block capitals. BORDER LINE refers to how Vetements bridges the gap between high fashion and street fashion. This is teamed with Dr. Martens patented AirWair™ technology for unparalleled comfort and durability~watermark