15 July 2018

工房アイザワ 角長ランチボックス 2段 WORKSHOP KOBO AIZAWA STAINLESS STEEL LONG SQUARE SHAPE LUNCH BOX SLIM DOUBLE is comprised of two rounded-corner rectangular boxes that stack together. Each box has its own lid with a silicone seal around the inner rim, making it leak resistant. One of the boxes has a removable stainless steel partition.
 The boxes can be carried singly or together. A black elastic bento band is included. Many people prefer stainless steel over plastic for bento boxes, since it is durable and may have less impact on the environment. With proper care, Zen 02 should last you for years! Workshop kobo aizawa is a japanese company specialized in Kitchen goods and located in Niigata. Established in 1920s, it has been successful thanks to its well designed (with a pinch of Art Deco influences!) and convenient products made of stainless steel.
Total capacity: 1000 ml, 500 ml per box;
Measurements: 182 × 85 × 100 mm (7.16″ x 3.35″ x 3.93″);
Stainless steel box with silicone seal inside the rim of the lid. Do not leave very acidic or salty food (such as vinegar, salt, pickles) in it for a long time, as it may damage the metal;
Not microwave safe~15.jpg