14 August 2018

PUNKT MP 01 BASIC MOBILE PHONE The operating system is refreshingly down-to-earth. No app icons, animations, or special effects vying for your attention. The phone is without the internet, which makes it easy on the eye when you’re using it, and easy to put away when you’ve finished with it. Most basic phones on the market reuse old-fashioned technology and design, and are sold on price alone. The MP01 is made in small production runs using top-grade components, and leaves that noughties retro-look behind. It’s an object of real beauty and style, both inside and out. Charge a smartphone once or twice a day. Charge the MP01 every now and then. Crystal-clear audio, Gorilla Glass screen, and a tough, glass-fibre reinforced body treated with the same finishing processes used by manufacturers of professional camera equipment. The MP01 is something that you buy and you keep. It’s more than just currently ‘up-to-date’ – it’s timeless~14.jpg