16 September 2018

IKEA HÄRÖ / VÄSTERÖN OUTDOOR TABLE AND 2 STOOLS WHITE AND GREY COLOUR The materials in this outdoor furniture require no maintenance. Takes little room to store as the table folds flat and the stool is stackable.
Designer: I Bermudez/F Cayouette/IKEA of Sweden.
Table (length 55 cm, width 60 cm, height 71 cm). Stool (length 36 cm, width 36 cm, seat width 24 cm, seat depth 24 cm, height 44 cm).
Table, outdoor: With a mild soapy solution;
Stool, in/outdoor: With a mild soapy solution;
Table, outdoor: Require no maintenance;
Stool, in/outdoor: Require no maintenance;
Storing: If possible, store in a cool dry place indoors. If the furniture is stored outside, cover it with a waterproof cover. After a rain or snowfall, wipe off excess water or snow from flat surfaces. Allow air to circulate to avoid condensation~16.jpg