21 September 2018

LG WF-T507 FUZZY LOGIC 5.0 KG TURBO DRUM WASHING MACHINE Provides various washing methods which suits various conditions and types of laundry.
Fuzzy Wash: Use this program for everyday washing e.g. sheets, towels, T-shirts;
Heavy Wash: Use this program for heavily soiled durable garments e.g. overalls, jeans. Thick and heavy clothes or those which are excessively dirty like jeans or working uniforms can be washed;
Delicate Wash: Use this program to wash delicate and washable laundries;
Wool Wash: Delicate clothes (lingerie, wool, etc.) which may be easily damaged can be washed. The fibres of machines washable woollens have been specifically modified to prevent felting when they are machine washed. Most hand knitted garments are not made of machine washable wool and we recommend that you hand wash them;
Favorite Wash: This setting allows you to store you favourite wash conditions in the normal cycle memory;
Silent Wash: Use this program to wash quietly at night;
Quick Wash: Can be selected to wash lightly soiled clothes of less than 2.0kg in a short time;
Speedy Soak Wash: Is designed to maximise washing performance and can be selected to wash heavily soiled laundry with Fuzzy or Heavy Program;
Normal Wash: Is the economical program to wash normally soiled laundry in condition of minimise water consumption~21.jpg