5 October 2018

APPLE HOMEKIT EVE AQUA SMART WATER CONTROLLER The Eve Aqua Smart Water Controller turns your outdoor tap into an intelligent water outlet that you can automatically activate or shut off via your iPhone, Siri or the onboard button. Set schedules to automate your irrigation system. Plus, see how much water you’re using. Eve Aqua leverages the power of HomeKit and connects directly to your iPhone or iPad using Bluetooth low-energy technology.
Effortlessly activate your sprinkler via Siri, the Eve app or the onboard button;
Auto shut-off prevents garden flooding and frees you from clock watching;
Set schedules to water automatically at regular times;
Estimated consumption for tracking water usage;
Child lock helps keep kids from wasting water;
Sun-resistant materials offer Australian-certified UV protection;
HomeKit-enabled for easy use and advanced security;
Hassle-free setup;
No bridge or gateway required — connects directly to iPhone using Bluetooth low-energy technology~5.jpg