5 August 2020

MARCATO ATLASMOTOR ELECTRIC PASTA MACHINE  for those who love preparing home-made pasta in style and comfort. Atlasmotor combines the versatility of Atlas pasta machines with the functions of the Pastadrive motor to provide you with the perfect set to have fun in the kitchen. Atlasmotor simplifies the preparation of home-made pasta thanks to the practical motor that allows you to work freely on any surface with less effort. The pasta machine is entirely made of top quality chrome steel, with anodised aluminium alloy rollers, to ensure the longest possible lifespan of the product and to facilitate cleaning. The Pastadrive motor has an ergonomic shape that facilitates grip and is robust and sturdy, thereby guaranteeing perfect stability during use. The bayonet fitting guarantees a quick and simplified coupling of the motor and allows you to use it with other compatible Marcato products~05