3 July 2021

HESTAN CUE SMART COOKING SYSTEM 11” SMART PAN AND INDUCTION COOKTOP  is the perfect addition to your smart home devices. Built with your smart kitchen in mind, our Smart Cooking System includes 11″ Smart Fry Pan, Smart Induction Burner, and full access to the Hestan Cue Recipe App. Make the move to Hestan Cue for your smart induction cooktop needs today. Trusted by Williams-Sonoma for home small appliances, you can learn how to cook better no matter your skill level. Use the Hestan Cue electric burner (portable) in the comfort of your home and deliver remarkable results every time. Hestan Cue’s smart induction frying pan and smart induction burner cookware automatically adjust your cooking temperatures as you’re guided through recipes with step-by-step videos from professional chefs. Use our smart burner for cooking at home or take the Hestan Cue induction cooktop for travel and on-the go cooking. Our smart single burner electric stove, mini induction pan and Hestan Cue Recipe App make cooking a breeze. Includes induction cooktop with cookware~08