10 July 2022

SOL DE JANEIRO BRAZILIAN CRUSH CHEIROSA 39 COCO CABANA PERFUME MIST In Brazil, Cheirosa means to smell incredibly delicious – and each of our scents is inspired by a year in Brazilian culture. Cheirosa 39 is inspired by Brazilian sensation and Hollywood star Carmen Miranda, who embodies a golden age of Brazilian music and dance. 1939 marks the year Carmen wore her signature fruit hat for the very first time. Instant icon. This is a scent temptation with a touch of retro deliciousness for the Brazilian bombshell in you. With just a spritz – island bliss, blue skies, and a splash of resort vibes. This mouthwatering scent stars a coconut note you’ve never had the pleasure of meeting. Sophisticated and surprising, this is a complex and grown-up tropical fragrance with notes of coconut cream, toasted praline, and tropical orchid~08