4 March 2023

GLOWPEAR MINI BENCH SELF WATERING PLANTER  you can grow all sorts of fresh produce in whatever corner you have to spare. These little guys are especially great for herbs you can pick as needed in the kitchen.
● Ideal growing conditions: Generous soil depth and volume, the Mini Bench has been carefully designed to optimise growing conditions for fruit, vegetables and herbs;
● Use indoors or outdoors. The Mini Bench is just at home inside or outside on your balcony or deck;
● Plants take what water they need when they need it due to the integrated self-watering system. Just top up the reservoir and your plants self-water. It’s so simple;
● See what water is needed at a glance with the water level indicator;
● Sturdy, safe and conscious. The Mini Bench is made of injection-moulded HDPE, UV and corrosion resistant, BPA-free, food safe, built to last, refurbishable, and helps expand the greening of places and spaces;
● Scalable. Glowpear units to be ‘plugged in’ to each other, for easy, integrated watering and increased growing space;
● 600 mm long x 300 mm high x 250 mm deep, with 17 L growing volume and 4.5 L internal water reservoir~08