26 March 2023

● MULTI-FUNCTION CONTROL: REHEAT to heat toast or slices of bread, or to continue toasting if the result was not satisfactory, DEFROST to unfreeze frozen slices of bread, and BAGEL to brown just one side of the bread without toasting the other;
● SIX BROWNING LEVELS: Whether you prefer well toasted bread or a lighter browning, Smeg’s 2 slot toaster offers six browning levels;
● 2 LARGE COMPARTMENTS: Self-centering racks in the compartments to ensure even toasting of slices of bread, whatever size they may be;
● AUTOMATIC POP-UP: When the selected toasting time has finished, the slices pop up automatically;
● PRACTICAL ACCESSORIES: Sandwich racks facilitate the heating of the bread with desired filling, and the bun warmer can be used to heat paninis, focaccia, or brioche, and serve them warm directly to the table~08