15 October 2023

W&P PORTER LUNCH BOX  Carry a delicious meal with a stash of snacks in the simple, bento-style Porter Lunch Box from the sustainably-minded W&P. With 1.5L capacity, the Porter Lunch Box has plenty of room to carry your whole day’s food, making it perfect for both trips to the office and outings with friends. Sporting a small divider, it’s easy to keep side-salads separate from the main event, and a stealthy snack compartment provides even more space to store your food without getting them mixed up with one another. Made from 100% LFGB-certified silicone (making this premium-grade silicone) and BPA-free plastic, the Porter Lunch Box is an efficient and elegant way to ditch single-use plastic for good, and build your sustainable living habits.
Size: 21.5cm L x 18cm D x 8cm H~08