25 March 2018

FIELD NOTES ARTS AND SCIENCES TWO 64-PAGE MEMO BOOKS Our 23rd Quarterly Edition introduces a brand-new, larger Field Notes format for Summer 2014. We’ve created a 2-Pack of 7½” by 4¾” memo books big enough to accommodate ideas from both sides of your brain. Each book features sturdy Mohawk Loop 110-lb covers with silver ink and debossed logos, with of Finch Opaque 50-lb text paper inside. The Arts memo book is designated for creative musings, featuring a wine-colored cover containing a wealth of handy information for writers and fine artists. Its 64 interior pages are quarter-inch ruled in “Academy Gray” for prose and poetry on the right-hand (“recto”) side, and blank on the left-hand (“verso”) side for sketches, scribbles, and sentence diagrams. Sciences sports a dark slate gray cover loaded with the formulas, theories, and ideas you need to get you through your day. The recto pages feature an all-new “Engineer’s Graph” subdivided into one-inch, half-inch, and tenth-inch squares in “Academy Gray.” As with Arts, the “verso” side of the sheet is blank, awaiting your diagrams, calculations, and observations~watermark