26 March 2018

FIELD NOTES FALL 2013 QUARTERLY EDITION DRINK LOCAL: ALES & LAGERS Our 20th Quarterly Edition, Drink Local, features heavyweight New Page Sterling Premium 120# covers with a soft touch varnish, giving them a soft, almost rubbery feel. The logo is varnished with a contrasting gloss, and each book is colored to represent a different brew, with a brief history of each style of beer on the back cover. Inside is our acclaimed Finch Opaque Smooth 50# text paper, with a “Hefeweizen” yellow-orange graph grid. It’s all bound together with bright gold staples. There are two 3-Pack versions available: Ales and Lagers, limited to 10,000 3-Packs each. Ales features Stout (dark brown-black), Amber Ale (warm red), and India Pale Ale (rusty orange). Lagers features Pilsner (gold), Bock (brown), and Pale Lager (pale yellow). Each three pack comes bound in a chipboard belly band with a matching (Ales or Lagers) 3½”-diameter, 2-color, pub-style coaster, lovingly letterpress-printed in Chicago by our new pal Liz Isakson-Dado on a vintage press~watermark