28 June 2018

NOMADIC STATE OF MIND ORIGINAL JC.2 WITH VIBRAM SOLE-CAMEL SANDAL Our traditional jc sandal with added vibram sole! Add a little more sole to your life with our original jc sandal with adustable back strap. Still light weight rope with this vibram sole. Non slip and non marking, great for the boat, the river, the mountains, or at the beach! Travel the globe! Found at festivals all over the planet! About the rope, we make the rope in north carolina a partly reclaimed polypropylene cord, which we have found to be the best and we can keep the consistency what we need to make quality sandals; with our watchful eye. This rope is colorfast, super durable- basically one of the strongest ropes known to humans. When we look at environmental impact, one of the most important things to look at is durablitly. That is why we make the best rope and don’t cut any corners. durablitity is sustainablity. It was our desire to create a product where there was virtually no waste- almost there – about 85% of our waste can be recycled into other products~28.jpg