29 June 2018

OK ARCHERY COMPOUND BOW ABSOLUTE 38 The ABSOLUTE series gets a newly designed grip in addition to the limb-connect-system of the SMOKE. New for 2016 are wider limbs to reduce stress and for more stability. Extensive tests have shown us new ways to go about designing the next generation grips. To reduce torque to a minimum the grip radius needed to be expanded to the whole grip section. The limb-connecting-system allows for minimal change in brace height while still allowing for changes to the draw weight. So we lowered the grip, shelf and Berger holes enabling the arrow to go through the power-center of the bow symmetrically. In addition, the space between the grip and the shelf is increased, reducing contact influence to the pressure point in the grip. Another stand alone feature to the ABSOLUTE is the Active Draw Stop. The draw stop presses directly on the head side of the limbs, eliminating any unilateral limb-loading which appears when the string stop is placed on the top or bottom of the limb surface~29.jpg